Our firm has consulted with David for many years to improve our culture of business development and general firm leadership. He is knowledgeable, experienced and fun to work with. He is extremely strong on implementation, follow up and accountability."Susan S. Brewer - CEO, Steptoe & Johnson PLLC
When it comes to business development, David Freeman is superb. He brings a cost-efficient and confidence-inspiring approach to the challenging task of improving law firm business development practices. He has a deep understanding of today’s competitive legal services industry, and knows how to teach busy practitioners how to compete and win. I highly recommend David for any organization looking to grow its business." Peter Kellett - Chairman and CEO, Dykema
I had the opportunity to see the impact of David’s work at one of my prior firms, and recommended that he be engaged by two other firms I subsequently joined. As a COO who is responsible for maximizing financial results, David has proven to be an asset who has shown our lawyers how to confidently and effectively pursue their best opportunities."Richard Wolf - Former Chief Operating Officer, Parker Poe LLP
Randy Crispen - PartnerRandy Crispen - PartnerLuce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP, San Diego
David’s presentations are phenomenal! His experience in the legal arena and expertise in leadership and business development give him the ability to do what few presenters do well: present strategic guidance and practical “to-do’s.” Attendees leave with a greater understanding of how they can make an impact in their firms.” - Adam Severson - Director of Business Development, Baker Donelson, LLP
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What is CultureShift®?

The Current Reality

Firms often talk about creating a culture of business development, but in truth, culture exists more by default than design. In many firms, historical events, powerful leaders and oversized partner personalities influence behavioral norms more than an intelligently crafted strategy. Without the right culture, you risk a future where you lose lawyers, revenue, profitability and clients. To thrive, firms must develop strong leaders with the knowledge and skills to encourage the right behaviors.

Leadership Challenges

One of the hardest jobs in a law firm is managing and coordinating the business development efforts of other lawyers. However, in the new economy, the next generation of leaders will be defined by their ability to increase client loyalty and generate profitable growth. To succeed, these leaders must learn how to create a comprehensive, self-sustaining culture that attracts and retains great clients, appeals to top lawyers and inspires talented staff.

Creating a CultureShift®

As a law firm leader, you are responsible for improving performance and focusing energy in order to create a client-centric culture. Changing a culture, however, requires exquisite finesse to effectively align people, processes, training, and technology to accelerate growth and profitability. With the support of the CultureShift® process, you can develop and execute customized approaches that will help you achieve your firm’s business development goals.

The CultureShift® Process

The experts at Law Firm CultureShift® help leaders ingrain a culture of business development more deeply into the fabric of their firms. Our mission is to act as catalysts to instill new habits that attract, retain and grow new revenue. We help firms build customized blueprints for self-sustaining growth through the intelligent integration of leadership and rainmaking training and coaching, retreats, client teams, accelerated cross-selling, strategic planning, and client service programs.

Using our proprietary CultureShift® approach, we help firms push the right buttons to achieve sustainable change. We uncover obstacles that block higher performance, work together to develop plans for removing those obstacles, support implementation of “Key Accelerators” of success and develop approaches for locking in new behaviors. Working in collaboration with in-house Marketing, BD and Professional Development teams, Law Firm CultureShift® can help your firm achieve:

  • Greater revenue and higher profitability
  • Higher engagement, motivation and implementation
  • Changes to undesirable behaviors and removal of dysfunctional habits
  • Increased collaboration, teamwork, collegiality and retention
  • Accelerated cross-selling
  • Enhanced selling skills and activity
  • Higher performing client teams
  • Superior client service and loyalty
  • Improved “sales management” skills in group leaders
  • Strategic and collaborative planning
  • Action-oriented retreats
  • More efficient and effective marketing and business development staffing and structure

    Law Firm CultureShift® was founded by award-winning consultant and multiple best-selling author David H. Freeman, J.D., CEO of the David Freeman Consulting Group. David was ranked # 1 in the category of “Lawyer/Law Firm Business Development & Coaching” in the 2015 Best of Legal Times survey, and for three consecutive years, he was recognized as the best “Law Firm Business Development Consultant and Coach” in nationwide National Law Journal surveys. For over twenty-four years, he has worked with nearly 200 law firms world-wide, including over 40% of the AmLaw 200.


    The first step in any transformation process is self-awareness. To that end, we can help you identify your existing culture of business development by inviting your lawyers to participate in our complementary survey tool – the Culture Xray® – which is designed to uncover your lawyers’ perceptions of your firm’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Call now to schedule your firm’s Culture Xray®.