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What is Law Firm CultureShift®?

Most leadership teams in law firms have some version of the following conversation: “We have excellent lawyers who deliver outstanding legal work, but we fall short when…

A One-Year Transformation

Few leaders understand how to effectively manage the vast array of marketing, selling and client service initiatives that must blend together…

What Makes Us Different

Three major reasons why your firm should partner with the CultureShift® Group to invigorate your business development culture are as follows…


Mastering Cross-Selling

Mastering Cross-Selling

Cross-selling can be a complex and frustrating process, littered with organizational and interpersonal obstacles. This all-time best-selling book is designed to shine a light on issues you may face individually or as a firm leader, and provides scores of practical tips to help you become a true master of cross-selling.

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The Leader’s Guide for Creating a Business Development Culture

This practical checklist of culture-shifting activities will show leaders at all levels how to become powerful drivers of change. The ebook is divided into 43 key success areas and contains hundreds of approaches that can result in a higher performing culture of business development and client service. It also includes links to supportive articles, resources, videos and worksheets.


Ark Group – Best Selling and Best Reviewed Book of 2013

Secrets of the Masters: The Business Development Guide for Lawyers

This inspirational handbook, another all-time best-selling book published by the Ark Group, is packed with hundreds of proven tools, tips, and techniques for increasing revenue and forging relationships with clients and colleagues that will last you a lifetime.

Secrets of the Masters Book Review – Of Counsel Secrets of the Masters Book Review – NALP